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At the dawn of the 21st century, the Diet Villains have reached the highest levels of power. With promises of fatter wallets, they have overtaken the food industry, saturating the market with unhealthy processed foods and man-made products that have nearly squashed the nurturing effects of a natural diet. Their success seems inevitable.

Meanwhile, small-town organic vegetable farmer Crystal Hannah experiences an epiphany after a long day at her local farmer’s market. On the drive home, she is bombarded by advertisements for fast foods, fatty treats, and quick fix diets that make absurd promises but can be severely detrimental to one’s health. The evidence of the Diet Villains’ influence in our country is all around us, and Crystal is seeing it clearly.

Upon returning home, Crystal is startled to find a kitten on her doorstep. Over the next few weeks, she cares for the kitten and tries to think of something that can be done to combat the evils that the Diet Villains have wreaked upon America.

The kitten grows bigger and bigger, and finally Crystal awakens one day to see that the kitten has actually grown into a mighty panther. Even more shocking, the panther speaks to her and introduces himself as Paw. He tells her that through her care for her body, mind, spirit, and her organic farm, she has proven herself to be a strong-willed and caring individual who is capable of taking on the Diet Villains and helping women everywhere take steps toward a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle of diet and exercise. The revolution for women everywhere is to begin, and she is to be the one to lead it.

Crystal is initially fearful, but she is determined to help women everywhere find fitness, health, and happiness, and she accepts the challenge. Paw then puts her through a rigorous physical conditioning program. When she has completed her training, Crystal is equipped with the physical stamina, knowledge, and discipline she needs for her mission. As part of her transformation, she is given special superhero powers (in her belt) to restrain the evil of the Diet Villains.

With Paw’s help, she creates a plan for women everywhere and of all ages and types. She also adopts the persona of Super Fit Diva, a proud woman of forceful temperament who will stand up to the Diet Villains.

And so Super Fit Diva and her sidekick Paw are set to take on all of the Diet Villains and vanquish them forever.

Super Fit Diva’s message to you is simple and direct:

"We are in a battle for our fitness and health, and in any battle we should know our enemies! Together we can stop the confusion and expose, attack, and defeat the Diet Villains. You can help Paw and I conquer these malicious villains in your life and the lives of others!"